Rice with delight if it is onigiri🍙
Unobtainable but here everyone was looking for, especially A district, joy s.(南魚沼塩沢石打産Koshihikari rice)Will deliver.


And rice delight

Jubilant U.S. commitment

Rice's carefully selected rice stuck to the area A special Shiozawa, cultivation method



Our company, which has absolute confidence in quality, delivers special A area Minamiuonuma rice Koshihikari is carefully selected rice that is thoroughly carefully selected from the former Shiozawa area production area, environment, cultivation method.
The temperature difference peculiar to the mountainous area, which is said to be a perfect environment for the top brand MinamiUonuma Koshihikari, the clear stream from the snowmelt mountain, and the sunlight of the heavens are indispensable after growing and cutting.
Above all, we cultivate rice with a rich environment, a sticky texture and sweetness with sincerity.

Among the Koshihikari from Minamiuonuma, there is no mistake in the best rice in Japan in terms of the taste of Shiozawa and Ishiuchi Koshihikari, where the soil is sandy.
Rice is cold, not to mention the freshly cooked.
1Time cannot be purchased only here is unforgettable if you eat 100% finest rice.

Even if the new coronavirus of Reiwa 2 years is Reiwa 3 years, there is no sign of the end at all. Since last year, we have suffered a lot of damage in our company due to a great impact, and the damage will only expand steadily from this year.
I am worried about the future, and I ask myself if I will continue my business every day.
However, thanks to your encouragement, we are somehow able to continue our business.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our staff for this connection with everyone who supports us.
* Thank you very much for the new rice premium pole "rice of joy" produced in Reiwa 3 years.