Unobtainable but here everyone was looking for, especially A district, joy s.(南魚沼塩沢石打産Koshihikari rice)Will deliver.


And rice delight

Jubilant U.S. commitment

Rice's carefully selected rice stuck to the area A special Shiozawa, cultivation method



It is a carefully selected us to deliver our company with absolute confidence in the quality to Shiozawa stone struck Koshihikari features A district goes to the production environment, how to grow, through meticulous.
Stream from the mountain air was known as the top brand rice a great environment with the thaw, and 天to is the sunshine of our growth and essential after the harvest.
Love above all rich in natural mountainous characteristic temperature of the sticky and chewy texture and a sweet rice, are grown.

Production of the Koshihikari 100% pure is Nobuo Nogami, Junko and his wife for many years rice cultivation experience, hard manual labor thoroughly over time, made the top brand rice.
Is certainly the best rice in Japan uonuma Koshihikari rice in the soil is sandy Shiozawa stone strokes "Koshihikari" rice is.
Rice is cold, not to mention the freshly cooked.
1Time cannot be purchased only here is unforgettable if you eat 100% finest rice.